Case Study: 2019 Email Marketing Benchmarks Campaign

Email Marketing Benchmarks (2019)

About: At Campaign Monitor, we created a data-backed content piece titled “Email Marketing Benchmarks by Industry & Day”. This report leveraged proprietary product data to create a timely, comprehensive guide to 2019 email marketing benchmarks that drilled down into how industry-specific campaigns performed based on billions of Campaign Monitor customer emails.


  • 25K+ visits within first three months of publishing
  • Ranked in the No. 1 position for a very competitive key search term
  • Over 8M+ earned impressions through media coverage in 2019
  • The first launch of the global benchmarks report influenced $25k+ in AER
  • Later releasing industry- and region-specific pages influenced an additional $43k+ AER

This content performed so well that it became annual. We published it in 2020 and 2021 to even more coverage and a bigger business impact.

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