Case Study: Content Strategy & Budget Optimization

Situation: When I started at Campaign Monitor in March 2018, there was no documented content strategy. Due to turnover and restructuring from recent acquisitions, there was also no team in place to manage content and SEO.

Task: The company was growing rapidly through acquisition (revenue increased by 250% that year) and we needed a team and process in place that could scale as we continued to grow.

Action: My content superpower is creating scalable processes that clear the way for people to do their best work. Within six months, I created an entirely new process that included:

  • a Multi-Channel Content Calendar,
  • a Brand Style Guide,
  • a standardized Blog Post Template,
  • a Content Analytics Dashboard,
  • a system for incorporating SEO keyword research into our content creation process.

Under my leadership, we scaled content team and process during a period of aggressive M&A during which we acquired 6 companies and increased revenue by 250% I recruited, hired, and interviewed to build out the content team. Then, I developed an onboarding program to provide training to in-house writers, freelancers, and vendors.

Results: The team and processes I built are still in place today. I’m really proud of building content into a powerhouse function that set the standard for content operations for every other brand we acquired.

  • Increased content production by 200%
  • Reduced costs by 50% within first 6 months
  • Increased organic traffic to blog posts by 60% and to resources by 65% within a year.
  • Optimized site for growth, resulting in a 25% lift in overall traffic year over year

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