Case Study: Event Marketing & Community Building

Situation: Campaign Monitor serves customers in multiple regions, but one of our main ones is Australia, which is where our company was founded. We’d lost brand recognition in that region and needed to start rebuilding it.

Task: We decided to host an event for marketers in our Sydney office that would coincide with a content campaign of testimonials (PR, video, written) from our Australian customers in order to re-establish ourselves as a Sydney-based brand. Our goal was to increase our brand presence in Australia through a live event with influencer activations, customer advocacy, and engaging programming.

Action: Marketing & Mixology was a first-of-its-kind owned event for Campaign Monitor. The event mixed educational content with fun on-site experiences including lessons with a professional mixologist (creating our signature cocktail, “Champagne Monitor”) and networking with other Sydney-based marketers.

To drive attendance and engagement, I orchestrated a multi-channel campaign with pre-, during, and post-event marketing touch points across social, PR, email, and more (from several continents and time zones away). I also coordinated programming that featured marketing experts from Rip Curl, Red Bull, and Campaign Monitor, along with keynote speaker Mia Freedman.

Link: Marketing & Mixology with Mia Freedman | Sydney, Australia


  • Exceeded our attendance goals by 30%
  • Completely sold out event
  • Generated nearly $10k in pipeline
  • 300k+ earned impressions generated from post-event coverage

Sample Coverage:

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