Case Study: Holiday Email Marketing Campaign

Situation: We were dealing with a reduced budget and needed a campaign that could drive revenue fast without requiring any budget. One of our competitive differentiators is our pay-as-you-go pricing option. Customers can choose to pay per campaign instead of per month, which is especially helpful for seasonal senders around the holidays.

Task:  I consulted with my peers in PMM, BizOps, and MOPs to uncover an opportunity with one of our payment plans, called pay-as-you go. The group considered it an untapped opportunity and we hypothesized that there was money on the table that we could capture with a campaign.

Action: Knowing budgets would be tight given COVID-19, we ran a targeted email campaign to prospects, including dead leads, with holiday messaging focused on “Make your budget go further this holiday season.”

Link: Holiday Email Marketing Campaign

Results: The messaging really resonated and the campaign generated 48 new customers, $14k+ of AER, within three weeks. We have plans to continue running it seasonally now that we know how effective it was.

  • $14k+ AER within first three months of publishing
  • Generated 48 new customers with a single email campaign
  • 85% upgraded to a monthly plan instead of pay-as-you-go, resulting in a higher lifetime value

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