Case Study: Nonprofit Marketing Campaign

Situation: Nonprofits are one of our focus industries for Campaign Monitor. Campaign Monitor already has a large nonprofit customer base which includes some of the most well known organizations in the world. Nonprofit revenue had been steadily growing since 2006 and retention seems to be high compared to other verticals. However, we identified that there had been a lack of new, large nonprofit deals from 2018 onward and marketing needed to address top-of-funnel demand.

Task: Our current product, pricing and packaging were already a good fit for medium to large sized nonprofits that are concerned with price, ease of use, template design, and integrations. We can attract more nonprofits by showcasing our integrations, working with partners in the nonprofit space, and creating content aimed at nonprofit-specific issues. Our task was to create an marketing campaign targeting nonprofit marketers to drive more high-dollar deals.

Action: For this campaign, we partnered with nonprofit fundraising platform Qgiv. We promoted our just-launched integration with Qgiv alongside our co-branded nonprofit content to drive adoption and attract new prospects. Qgiv contributed to the creation of our gated guide and partner webinar, as well as promoting it across all of their channels (email, social, blog, website). Key assets for this campaign included:

  1. Nonprofit Marketing Guide for 2020 (partnership with Qqiv): For this guide, we surveyed nonprofit donors and marketers, revealing what really motivates people to donate and how NPO marketers can leverage this information to activate their audience.
  2. Nonprofit Benchmarks Guide: The first industry-specific Benchmarks report, this page used proprietary email engagement data to show nonprofits how they stack up to the competition — and how they can improve.
  3. Partner/Customer Webinar: This webinar focused on “Quick Wins for Giving Tuesday”, co-hosted by Qgiv based on the guide content.

Because these were all high-value pieces, they were gated and we encouraged those who downloaded to subscribe to our marketing list, then entered them into a targeted email drip campaign. We also provided prominent, compelling ways to request a demo throughout the content itself.

In additional to the gated content, we created “companion content” whose main purpose is to provide valuable thought leadership and resources to nonprofit marketers, while also pushing them to our gated pillar content where they will be prompted to complete a form fill. Examples of this included blog and social posts, benchmarks infographic, updated landing page, updated and new customer stories, partner posts (blog and social), and media coverage from the press release and pitching our original research and customer stories.


  • Generated $48k in influenced AER
  • Nonprofit content now receives 6k visits/month
  • Ranks in position No. 1 for “nonprofit email benchmarks”
  • Ranks in position No. 2 for “nonprofit email marketing”

Link: The Data-Backed Guide to Nonprofit Marketing & Nonprofit Benchmarks Guide

Sample Coverage:

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