Case Study: SEO-Driven Competitor Comparison Content [Mid-Funnel]

Situation: A lot of people see SEO as writing for a machine, but I look at it as a rich source of customer and prospect data — it tells us what they want and need as part of their buying journey.

Task: Based on SEO data, we saw a huge demand for competitor comparisons: People who were further down the funnel and wanted to compare features and functionality across their top ESP contenders.

Action: I helped launch and write a series of competitive comparison pages that gave ESP buyers a clear-eyed look at the differences between our product and our top competitors.

Link: Mailchimp vs. Campaign Monitor | Comparison Page

Results: This down-funnel content captured organic traffic and provided a resource for our buyers during the consideration phase of choosing a technology platform.

  • Ranked in the No. 1 position for key search term within four weeks
  • Leveraged by marketing and sales teams during key buying moments as the competitive landscape changed rapidly in 2019

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