Case Study: Small Business (SMB) Marketing Campaign

Situation: Email continues to be a highly effective marketing channel and yet there’s a substantial segment of marketers who do very little to no email marketing. Though there is high email marketing category awareness, there is limited understanding of what role email can play within the digital marketing mix, especially among small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs). With CM’s unique strengths as an ESP, we have an opportunity to be the product of choice for this beginner-intermediate target audience.

Task: Create and launch a multi-channel, self-service campaign targeting SMB marketers to show them how email is the best tool for growing their business, with a goal of driving brand awareness among our target SMB audience, qualified traffic to the site, and increasing self-service signups.

Action: We created a marketing campaign focused on educating SMB owners and marketers on how they can drive more revenue while also saving time (vitally important for resource-strapped and time-poor small business owners). The campaign’s tent pole moment would be in May, aligning with Small Business Week, and providing ample promotional and PR opportunities.

As part of this campaign, I led the creation of a premium guide titled “The State of Small Business Marketing in 2019″ as a pillar piece of content for our Small Business campaign, targeting SMBs who were interested in digital marketing. This report leveraged responses from over 1k small business marketers to show what was working, what wasn’t, and what marketing channels they were planning to invest in for the coming year.

We also wanted to experiment with new content types, so we came up with the idea of an email course. SMB owners/marketers could sign up for the course and have a weekly “lesson” delivered directly to their inbox on how to use email to drive more revenue. Not only did this format make it easy for our time-strapped SMB marketers to get the information they need, it also showcased email’s value as a direct line to your subscriber.

Additionally, we developed a small business landing page and corresponding customer stories, showcasing how SMBs have succeeded with Campaign Monitor. I worked with partners in demand generation, social, PR, email, and more to promote and distribute this content.

Results: We saw increased engagement and conversions through these campaign efforts. The new customer story, premium guide, landing page, and email course drove quality traffic to the site as well as engagement across email and demand gen. We even discovered our SMB messaging performed better than previous retargeting campaign messaging, so we were able to update those always-on programs to increase effectiveness beyond just the scope of this campaign.

  • 800+ guide downloads within the first week of launching
  • Over 20K organic search impressions in 3 months
  • 28 million earned impressions from PR coverage
  • Garnered 3,000+ hits in first month after launch
  • Campaign generated a +50% increase in organic traffic, +55% increase in direct traffic, and +25% increase in referral traffic YoY
  • 445 signups from first four months of campaign

Link: The State of Small Business Marketing

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